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Gain a team of

Solar Tax Experts

Increase sales and give your customers peace

of mind about their solar tax benefits.


RETE Tax Consultation Packages make it easy for your customers to receive their incentives.


RETE Business Consultation Packages assist in your sales process with clarity and hands-on assistance throughout construction projects.

Solar Investments

RETE Investment Consultation Packages aids the development and record keeping of solar projects.

Accredited tax services

Offer complete solar services with RETE.

Accredited CPAs

Team up with CPAs who specialize in solar. We are ready to answer simple andcomplex solar tax questions.


Provide accurate information and a full picture to your customers about their Investment Tax Credit incentive.

Training and Education

Empower your sales team with accurate and straightforward training on presenting our services. Then let us talk be the tax experts.


Help your customers save by ensuring they can receive their Depreciation Deduction in full.

Easy Start-to End Service

Provide an engaging experience to your customers as they receive
monthly newsletters and CPA consultations until their taxes are filed.


Order with our simple consultation packets to ensure your customers receive the benefits they are expecting.

Complete your team with RETE

Increase customer satisfaction with RETE's

technology and expert services.

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